Telecommunications Repair

Commercial Electronics, Inc. is a minority-owned company proudly committed to serving the Telecommunications industry with repair and engineering services since 1968 proving our unwavered dedication to what we do best. As a repair customer you'll enjoy free access to NESS, our newly added customer driven tracking, mapping, and tagging application available in iOS, Android, and Windows 10 (learn more about NESS).

  • Forward and Return Bandwidth Extensions
  • Multiple Component Enhancements
  • Digital QAM AGC Upgrades
  • Connector Enhancements
  • DFB Laser Upgrades
  • Firmware Upgrades

One Stop Shop

Commercial Electronics, Inc. repairs and services all of the equipment that a cable/telecommunications company may have in the plant including but not limited to:

  • Standby/Non-Standby Power Supplies
  • Distribution RF Amplifiers, Muliti-Ouput Amplifiers and Line Extenders
  • Fiber Optic Nodes, Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers
  • Headend Analog and Digital, Fiber Optic Headend
  • Test Equipment
  • Outside Plant Wireless Access Points (WAP)

Manufacturers include but are not limited to:

  • Arris
  • Cisco
  • C-Cor (now Arris)
  • Motorola (now Arris)
  • Scientific Atlanta (S/A) (now Cisco)
  • General Instrument (G/I) (now Cisco)
  • Magnavox (now Arris)
  • Philips (now Arris)
  • Jerrold (now Cisco)
  • Myers (Authorized Warranty Repair)
  • Alpha
  • Lectro (now Alpha)
  • Aurora
  • Harmonic Light Waves (now Aurora)
  • And many more.

CEI Pickup and Delivery

Commercial Electronics, Inc. provides FREE complimentary pickup and delivery services throughout the US. Our unique on-line tracking system and on-site pickup service saves your company time and money. Why not have us handle it for you? Imagine the cost savings in freight and labor! We allow you to concentrate on more important things…….your customer. Call and speak with one of our professional sales team members to schedule your FREE complimentary pickup.

Fast Turnaround

Commercial Electronics, Inc. understands that your equipment is important to you and that you need it back as quick as possible. We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry and work with our customers to meet their needs when emergencies arise. Your on-line access provides an up-to-date status of equipment and estimated delivery times. We place you in the driver’s seat. You, our customer is in control of your assets from time-of-Pickup, tracking the repair process to delivery back at your location.

The Job Done Right

Commercial Electronics, Inc. does the job right. We subject every piece equipment to a series of quality control tests to ensure the equipment meets manufacturers specs.

  • Distortion Testing using 1GHz Analyzer by Matrix
  • Digital MER/BER Testing
  • Thermal Shock Testing
  • Group Delay Testing
  • Forward and Return Sweep Testing
  • Corrupted Data Restoration

Quality control results are recorded and available to our customers to review in our customer portal. Equipment is carefully packed in bubble wrap for shipment back to our customers.

Give us a Call or email us today for more information and pricing.