Commercial Electronics, Inc. has successfully served many industries since 1968. During that time, CEI has evolved into a worldwide primary engineering and repair service provider. From the vacuum-tube era, we repaired Cable Television line amplifiers manufactured by RCA, Jerrold and Entron. When transistor gear appeared, we repaired the 1960's line equipment manufactured by companies such as Ameco, Vikoa and Kaiser. For twenty-five years, we owned and operated our own high-tech Cable Television system, which served as a large "outdoor laboratory", affording our technicians and engineers the opportunity to duplicate, analyze and solve equipment problems confronting CEI's clients from all climatic and geographical regions. Since it's early days CEI has developed it's repair capabilities in other industries such as Manufacturing, Agriculture, Mining, Sewage Treatment, Medical and Video Surveillance and many others. CEI was the very first independent repair lab to offer pickup and delivery services, and our modern fleet of vans with competent, courteous service representatives continue to provide pick-up and delivery services to most companies in the midwestern/eastern United States. Our expert technicians and engineers are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art test instrumentation to provide the absolute finest quality repair, upgrade and engineering services available. Our Sales Representatives are knowledgeable and up-to-date on CEI's available services, including the repair, refurbishing, upgrading or replacement of all types and models of equipment.

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