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Expert Repair and Upgrade Services

Commercial Electronics, Inc. a minority-owned company has provided innovative and reliable repair and engineering services since 1968. During this time span, we have consistently demonstrated a well-earned reputation for outstanding quality repair and upgrade services, excellent personalized customer service, and fast turn-around. All repaired and upgraded equipment is guaranteed to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications. With hundreds of years of combined technical experience, our extensive technical database and great leadership, we are able to offer customers proactive and high-value services without the high costs. We service it all, saving your management time and money dealing with multiple vendors. Every piece repaired by Commercial Electronics, Inc. is guaranteed to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s published specifications. Many upgrades and enhancements are available to extend the life for a wide-variety of equipment. As a repair customer you'll enjoy free access to NESS, our newly added customer driven tracking, mapping, and tagging application available in iOS, Android, and Windows 10 (learn more about NESS). Contact your sales representative for more information.

Refurbished/New Equipment and Parts Sales

Commercial Electronics, Inc. maintains a huge inventory of new/refurbished equipment and parts. We purchase wreck-outs, new, used, obsolete and surplus of all sizes and equipment types.

Courteous Complimentary Pickup Services

Commercial Electronics, Inc. has provided FREE complimentary pickup services to our customers for over 30 years. This service is available to most locations throughout the US. When equipment is picked up, the items are recorded electronically by our Field Service Representative and a copy of the items are emailed to you in an electronic packing slip immediately, so you have an exact record of what was picked up. Call today and speak with one of our professional sales team members to schedule a pickup.

Go Green with Commercial Electronics, Inc.

Commercial Electronics, Inc. believes in partnering with our customers to do our part in reducing waste and saving energy. All of our salesman have a smartphone cell phone that's used for all business activities. It's used to record customer's equipment when a pickup is made which then emails a PDF packing slip immediately to the customer so there is no paper used. Through the use of computer systems, CEI has over the past 10 years, reduced paper usage to less than an 8th of what our original needs were and reduced our energy needs for those computer systems down to less than a half. Through the use of those same computer systems, we track how many times each piece has been repaired by it's S/N (serial number). This gives us the ability to track how many times a piece of equipment was repaired and what caused the failure each time, what action was taken to bring the device back to the manufacturers’ specifications and how much money has been spent throughout the duration of life, which helps determine when a piece of equipment has reached it's end-of-life. When a device has been deemed end-of-life, CEI has many different processes to recycle it in an eco-friendly way.

The Right People to Get it Done

Commercial Electronics, Inc. hires only the best highly-trained people to get the job done. Our technical staff have a minimum 2-year degree or higher and received factory training by Cisco, Motorola, Tyco, Alpha Technologies, Myers Power and Multilink. If something is going to be done right, you have to have the right people to do it. That's another level of confidence you can have that CEI is going to repair your equipment right the first time.

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